Woe, Woo, Woe Betide, Woebegone

Woe, Woo, Woe Betide, Woebegone

Woe, Woo, Woe Betide, Woebegone


Is there a human soul without a woe or woes?


People also curse others to have difficult times: woeful times:

Fanny: Woe betide to him.

Malin: Why to wish for his woeful existence?

Fanny: Wooing for my body, not my heart.

Malin: woebegone man!


Residents express civic woes at the local body elections by not electing the ones who failed to do a decent job.


Do you have woes?


Of course, cupful of woes!



Woe is noun. Woe means great sorrow. Someone in a woeful state is facing distress.


Parents reach out to address the cry of woe of their children.


People need companions to listen to their tales of woes.


The couple comforted each by listening to their tale of woe: comforted each other by sharing their misfortune of losing their sole child.


Woes is a plural noun: troubles, misfortunes, distresses, and sorrows.


Who would listen to your woes?


Celebrities usually do not share their woes with others unless he or she is their confidante.



Woe betide is an idiom meaning there will be trouble for someone or somebody.


Woe betide those who pray for others’ woes.


‘Woe is me’ is an old or archaic expression, an interjection, meaning how unhappy I am.



Woebegone is an adjective meaning looking unhappy.


Normally, a human being’s heart is saddened at the sight of a woebegone child.


Woeful is an adjective meaning full of woe, sad, distressed.


She wore a woeful look for months and months after the exit of her other half who wooed and married her.


Woeful also means undesirable, regrettable, very bad: Woeful ignorance is resented.


Woefully is an adverb. The arrangements for the launch of the satellite were woefully inadequate until the intervention of the lead scientist.



Woo means trying to obtain the support of someone for himself or herself, or for this cause or that movement.


Political parties ought to woo the voters with credible policies and believable promises.


The company is working on a strategy as how to woo its lost customer base.


People are after wooing someone or something all the time: wooing for political support, wooing for fortunes, wooing for public support to donate money for this cause or that cause.


The variants of the verb woo are woos, wooed, wooing (verbs), wooingly (adverb).


Another meaning of woo indicates to persuading a woman to marry one; for courting leading to its logical conclusion.


One or the other relentlessly woos for consent for courtship, wooingly they could end up in a marriage

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