Vacation, Vocation, Avocation

Vacation, Vocation, Avocation

Vacation, Vocation, Avocation


Which vocation to choose in one’s life, and how do one comes to know about it in one’s life?


Where to go for a vacation in the world? The world is such a beautiful place, there are many places to go for a vacation!


Some people regret often for choosing to become an engineer or a doctor as his or her vocation because he or she hardly got time to go on vacations



Vacation means recess, a break from what one is doing, period between terms in the colleges and universities; period of inactivity such as in the courts, vacation also means holidaying.


Children always look forward to the long vacations.


Summer vacation is sought after by the children and their parents.


Winter vacation in the Western countries is almost mandatory for almost all the families because it is that time the Christmas also falls.


Vacation is also a verb: where is he? He is having a vacation in Hawaii. On vacation is a verb: During Diwali, the whole of India will be on vacation.



Vocation is practicing a profession for livelihood such as medicine, law, public service, working in the creative industry and others; vocation is usually chosen by one out of one’s natural liking or aptitude for a particular type of work.


Vocation is a regular employment or main work one does in one’s life including business which draws, demands and takes his or her time; vocation is a person’s trade or profession.


What is your vocation? My vocation is primarily priesthood but as an avocation I also teach Sanskrit to students.


In spite of studying Arts and Politics in his higher education, he chose to take up the family’s vocation ie politics.


Vocational is an adjective: of or concerning the qualifications needed to practice a trade or profession for livelihood. Vocational courses are popular for those students who would not like to pursue higher education. Vocational training institutes such as ITI (Industrial Training Institute) are there in many districts but still not enough.


The government should encourage vocational institutes in the private sector and it should also start more courses such as in plumbing, masonry, digital skills, and others.



Avocation is a diversion or distraction from one’s regular or chief employment or a relief-giving or stress busting activity such as walking in the woods, gardening, fishing or angling, and any other activity which one does not for money or not for livelihood but for the sheer pleasure of it.


There are some who may not have to choose a vocation except a destination for vacation because they may have inherited a vocation as well: family business; and their avocation will be socializing.





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