Theology, Theosophy

Theology, Theosophy

Theology, Theosophy


Do you want to study theology, or know about theosophy?



Theology is a field of study: study of God, truthfulness of a religion.


Theology is the formal study of the nature of God; theology is the study of the foundations of religious belief; critical study of concepts of god; exploring the religious ideas in a systematic way.


A student of theology could also be found in informal centres of spiritual education such as ashrams, monasteries to know about god.


Theology is taught in universities, monasteries, schools of divinity; and also informally.


Theology also refers to a set of religious beliefs, theological system, ritual theology


Theological is an adjective referring to a theology such as a theological college, a theological student, theological arguments and counterarguments,  religious, ecclesiastical, doctrinal, divine, celestial.


Theologian is an expert in theology, or a student of theology. The alternative word for a theologian is theologist, or theologizer.


A theologian or theologist is skilled in professes and practices of god.


Travelogue is a description about a place visited by the author but theologue is a student of theology, a theologian.


A theologian studies about god, the religious beliefs, the concepts of god in an organized method of interpreting spiritual works, and beliefs into practical form.


The related forms of are theologize, theologizes, theologizing, theologized; and theologically is an adverb.



Philosophically, theosophy is any of several systems that aims at a direct knowledge of God attempted to achieve through meditation, prayer; a doctrine of religious philosophy, and mysticism, claiming that knowledge of god can be attained directly.


Religiously, theosophy is a system that claims to attain communication with god, communication with superior spirits.


Importantly, theosophy also refers to the beliefs and doctrines of the Theosophical Society.


Annie Besant was a theosophist.


Annie Besant, the British Irish woman came to India in the late 19th century, and settled in the British colonial India and established ‘the Theosophical Society’ at Adyar, Madras. She was introduced to the Theosophical Society by Madame Blavatsky the exiled Russian aristocrat who made New York her home in the US where she was instrumental in conceiving the society.


Jiddu Krishnamurthi was the legally adopted son of Annie Besant but he drifted from the Theosophical Society founded in India by his mother. He established himself as independent thinker on matters of spirituality, philosophy and psychology.


Theosophism is the belief in theosophy.


The variants of theosophy are theosophe, theosophic, theosophical, thesophically, theosophism, theosophist (noun), theosophistic (adjective), theosophictical and theosophize


The variants of theosophy as a verb are theosophize, theosophizes, theosophized, and theosophizing.

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