Silicon, Silicone, Silicon Valley 

Silicon, Silicone, Silicon Valley 

Silicon, Silicone, Silicon Valley 


Silicon Valleys of the world depends on the silicon and some working there may opt for silicone implants for one or the other reason.



Silicon is a non-metallic chemical element, or a metalloid element which is found in the silica and silicates. Silicon is a found combined with oxygen in quartz, and sandstone. It comes from the Latin word ‘silex –icis’ which means flint. Silicon crystals are used in making microchips.


Silicon is used in making computer chips. Silicon chip is a microchip made of silicon used to make integrated circuits in computers.


China and Russia are the largest silicon producing countries in the world followed by Norway, the US, Brazil, France, Ukraine, South Africa and India


Silicon is in high demand in the global market because it is valuable compound. It is used in making several products such as in treadmill belt spay, silicone tubes,



Silicone is an organic compound of silicon the non-metallic element. Silicone is used in making paints, varnishes, lubricants. Silicone has high resistance to hold and cold conditions, and also resistant to water.


Silicone is used in the cosmetic industry to enlarge breasts for women. Women in the glamour or showbiz or fashion industry and few among the general public are opting to enlarge or augment their breasts. It is also used in the plastic surgeries but widely used for breast implants called silicone breasts. According to The Guardian newspaper about 5 to 10 million women in the world had silicon breasts for cosmetic reasons and for reconstruction of their breasts as a result of mastectomy.


“It is half a century since silicone breast enlargement became available – and it is still the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US and the UK. What foes this tell us about the society we live in?” The Guardian, 11 January 2012.


Transsexual people transitioning from male to female could also opt for silicone breasts; and there are about 5000 people in the UK who had transitioned from one sex to another sex.



Silicon Valley is an area which has a high concentration of electronics industry.


Silicon Valley also refers to the area in San Francisco Bay in the Northern Carolina in the US which is the home to the high-tech corporations. The western California southeast of California is known for high-technology design, IT and manufacturing industries.

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India because it is in Bangalore which has a concentration of IT and electronics industry.


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