What is the opposite word for postpone?

Postpone means to arrange something such as a celebration, an event, an occasion, etcetera at a later time.

Postpone means to defer: The UK postponed the formal exit from the European Union to a later time due to uncertainty within its political system.

A cricket match can be postponed if there is a rain during the match; the empire decides whether to postpone the match or suspend the session.

Bad weather can cause to postpone certain events or journeys.

In a time of uncertainty, it is not a bad idea to postpone a decision on critical aspect of life.

A politician is the person who will postpone the private needs to the public needs.

POSTPONE x ADVANCE (not prepone)

The opposite word for postpone is advance.

Then what is prepone? Prepone is non-standard word used predominantly in Indian English. Indians use it as the opposite word for postpone: to reschedule an event or an occasion to an earlier time. There is no evidence since when the Indians have started to use this word but a dictionary lists the word to have become fairly acceptable among English speakers of India since the 1970s.

Indian English is evolving as a distinct branch of English like British English and American English. And there is a kichadi language as well: Hinglish.

The Economic Times lists 7 expressions that one will hear only in India. Among the 7 expressions one of them is prepone. The other words (of Indian English) are: good name, expire, backside, mugging, out of station, and pass out.

Postponing our dreams will prepone our failures… -Vson aka Samson JG Samuel

IDIOM: postpone the evil hour or postpone the evil day is an idiom. Postpone the evil hour or postpone the evil day means to put off until a later time such as an unpleasant task that one will eventually has to do.

Postpone is a verb, the inflections of the verb are: to postpone, postpone, postpones, postponing, postponed.

Postponement is a noun. The act of postponing something is postponement.

People get irked when a celebratory event results in postponement.

Postponement happens for one or the other reason.

Musicians can postpone their scheduled event when he or she falls ill.

Gamblers can easily get disappointed when a horse-race results in postponement due to bad weather.

The synonyms of postpone are: adjourn, defer, delay, hold up, hold off, hold over, put on hold, put on backburner, put back, prorogue, shelve, suspend, and prorogue.

The antonyms of postpone are: advance, continue, carry on, carry out, expedite, further, keep doing or do.

Etymology: Postpone is derived from the Latin word ‘postponere’ which refers to put after, lay aside, keep aside, and delay. The Latin words entered into the English language in the last decade of the fifteenth century.

The related forms of postpone are: postponable (adjective), non-postponable or unpostponable (adjective); re-postpone, re-postpones, re-postponing, repostponed (verbs), and non-postponement (noun).

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