Hair, Hairs, Hare, Heir, Hare-Brained

Hair, Hairs, Hare, Heir, Hare-Brained

Hair, Hairs, Hare, Heir, Hare-Brained

Hair-related services and products give employment to millions of people. And, hairs are more than a billion dollars industry!



Hair, pronounced as heƏr, or heƏ, is a singular and plural (uncountable or non-countable) noun but hairs also function as the plural: a hair dangling from a nostril is not a pretty sight, so are three to four hairs in a meal.


Hair is the thin strands that grow on the skins of animals — mass of threadlike strands that grow on many parts of the bodies. Among the animals, human beings have mastered the expertise to tame them and trim them; also present their hairs to make a statement.



By a hair breadth or a hairs breadth means very small amount, very small distance; an informal unit of distance for a very short length.


A hair-cut could make a person to look spick and span.


Get in somebody’s hair means be a burden to someone or somebody, annoy someone


A hair of the dog, or the hair of the dog that bit is an informal reference to another alcoholic drink to cure the effects of drink.


Hang by a hair or head refers to not to injure someone in the slightest.


‘Keep your hair on’ is a catchphrase that means don’t be angry, keep calm.


‘Let one’s hair’s down’ means relax.


‘Make somebody’s hair curl’ means to horrify.


‘Make one’s hair stand on end’ means fill one with fright, horror.


‘Split hairs’, noun and verb, refers to tedious details, minutiae.



Haired is an adjective: haired head is sought after by all.


Hair-raising means terrifying.


Other compound words formed by hair are hairbrush, haircut, hairline (edge of a person’s hair round the face, very thin line), hairnet, hair-oil, hairpiece (added to the head to give appearance of more hair), hair-restorer, hairstylist or hairdresser (barber).


HAIRPIN BENDS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Do you like to travel on hairpin bends? Some are susceptible to sickness on hairpin roads like in the hilly areas.



Hairpin is a pin worn in heads to keep the hairs in order or shape, and hairpin bends or roads are sharp turns in a road, and ‘U’ shaped.



An heir or a heir? Because the sound of hair has the vowel sound, phonetically, the indefinite article ‘an’ is used like in ‘an’ MRI centre.


Heir is the person who has the legal right to receive the property from one’s biological parents unless things go wrong, the right to receive property from someone when he or she dies.


Heir is pronounced with a silent ‘h’: eƏ(r).


Heirless is an adjective, and heirship is noun.


Heiress is the feminine form: woman who inherits wealth.


Heirloom is an object handed down in a family for several generations.


Hare is a rabbit: a fast-running mammal.


A hare-brained is someone who is foolish/rash/silly/ridiculous person

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