Chaff, Chafe

Chaff, Chafe

Chaff, Chafe


“A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one’s heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” –George Eliot (nee Mary Ann Evans)



Chafe functions as a noun and verb: meaning something causing friction, fraying, scratching, soreness, rubbing as a result of a thing or material on the body.


Chafe means becoming sore, tearing or wearing caused by one or the other thing the body; causing sore skin by abrading or rubbing (for example, thigh against thigh); disturbing another person with his or her antics or behaviour, annoying; soreness caused by something.


Chafe also refers to feelings and emotions caused by the actions of others on some one.


What causes chafes (noun) on the body? Rubbing of a thigh against the thigh or between things; too much rubbing; when skin-tight outfits are worn possibly chafing can occur.


Who chafes (verb) you? Who is that person who annoys you, angers you, irritates you…?


Did you ever experience chafing?


Has anyone chafed you?


Chafing is the irritation of the skin caused by rubbing of one body part over another (for example, in the armpits) as a result of wearing something or causing friction over the skin.


The related forms of chafe are chafes, chafed, chafing (verbs), chafed (adjective: there are remedies for chafed skin), chaffer (noun: a vessel, a type of beetle, and the one who chafes), and chafery (noun: forge or furnace).



Chaff is the husk that is removed from the seeds or corn of cereals such as rice, barley or wheat separated by winnowing, threshing, milling or pounding.


Chaff is the seed case, seed shell, seed’s clothing; covering of flowers or cut grass.


Human beings cannot digest the chaff but livestock can!


Chaff also refers to the useless or worthless things alluding to chaffs that are removed from seeds as they are not edible.


Chafflike refers to something covered with chaff and chaffless is without having a chaff, and both are adjectives.


Chaffing is teasing somebody.


Chafferer or chaffer refers to a person who bargains.


Chaffinch is a small bird that gives cheerful and tuneful sounds.


Separate the wheat from the chaff is an idiom: meaning separating or segregating what is useful and worthwhile from what is useless and worthless; to choose carefully such as the things, or in forging relationships from people.


When your skin is chafed you can apply talcum powder or an ointment on the advice or prescription of a doctor but when your feelings are chafed?



Chaff, Chuff, Chafe

China and Taiwan were looking chuffed…

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