Shoka Åhrman:  Entrepreneur and Financial Expert with a Mission

Shoka Åhrman:  Entrepreneur and Financial Expert with a Mission
Shoka Åhrman

Shoka Åhrman is a Swedish expert on finance and investment with more than fifteen years of experience in the industry. Today she writes books and articles about economic aspects of the finance sector, and she also gives lectures. Her mission is to empower the women with the knowledge of investment and in making financial decisions with their money.


People, men and women, are afraid of making mistakes and thus avoid in taking decisions especially related to their money. One has to overcome the fear of making mistakes. Shoka Åhrman says one can also learn from one’s mistakes. She started her career early in finance but also started investing her money in stock market. “I started early in finance with a bank, time is a good experience,” she says. “Today I want to share my experience in finance with other women as how they can start investing their money in stock market, at an early age.”


The top stock exchanges in the world – New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Japan Exchange Group, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Euronext, London Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, TMX Group (Canada), Bombay Stock Exchange (India), National Stock Exchange (India), Australian Securities Exchange, Deutshe Börse (Germany), SIX Swiss Eschange (Switzerland), Korea Exchange (South Korea), NASDAQ Nordic Exchanges (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Iceland, Armenia), Taiwan Stock Exchange, B3 (Brazil) JSE (South Africa), Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles (Spain): these stock market exchanges by market capitalization together have more than 87% of total market capitalization. The top 16 stock exchanges are in ‘the Trillion Club’ – are dominated by men, or representatives of the wealthy. When one sees the images of stock markets and stock exchanges, the figures in the images are usually men, and one may also believe that only wealthy people invest. Shoka Åhrman wants to show that women can also be in the stock markets, and trade like men; and experience tells her that stock markets and finance is not only for wealthy people. Her mission is to make the knowledge of stock markets accessible to everyone.


Shoka Åhrman has quit her job in the bank as an economic advisor and has become an independent financial expert. She wants her knowledge and experience to be shared with many, not only with the few. She thinks that financial decisions are based on one’s cognition and guided by psychology and emotions. How can one alter the behaviour?  She shares her knowledge on economics and finance through books, articles in newspapers and magazines, and by giving lectures and conducting workshops. Her latest book is Medveten ekonomi: En vardag med guldkant which she co-authored with Frida Treschow. The authors said: “We have written this book because we believe that everyone needs some basic knowledge of economics and law and of behavioral economics, the exciting boundary between economics and psychology.”

PODCAST: Shoka Åhrman

Shoka Åhrman is a Swedish citizen with Iranian heritage, and she lives in Hovås in southwest Sweden. Listen to the podcast:

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