Copenhagen’s Museums

Copenhagen’s Museums

Copenhagen’s Danish spelling is København. Ø is one of the alphabets or a letter in the alphabet system of Danish, Norwegian, Faroese, and Sami languages. Ø is a vowel. Ø is a letter: not a ligature of the letter o, not a diacritical variant of the letter o. Among the English language users (typographers) it is referred to as ‘slashed o’ or ‘o with stroke’

Museums abound in Copenhagen. There are more than a dozen museums to visit, to enrich one’s knowledge or understanding of something or someone. The museums of Copenhagen are:

Danish Museum of Science & Technology: At the museum you can explore the steam engines, airplanes, cars, computers…a best spot to introduce a child to the world of transport, too.

SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst or National Gallery of Denmark): It is located in the middle of three beautiful historical parks in central Copenhagen. The gallery has Denmark’s most extensive and important collections in addition to international art.

Museerne Helsingør: Elsinore dates back to hundreds of years of existence, and here you can explore 3 museums in the centre of Elsinore – walking distance from the railway station and Kronborg. Danish War Museum: A war museum of gunpowder and flying bullets. ELSINORE is a small town within the national capital of Denmark (Home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet): Follow the trail

Arken Musuem of Modern Art: Arken invites the visitors to experience the world class art and striking architecture. The museum is placed in the surrounding beach park about 25 minutes from Copenhagen.

National Museum of Denmark: At the museum one can meet the Danes and the Vikings! It is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: The museum is often referred to as ‘the most beautifl museum in the world’. It attracts discerning visitors. It has world class collection, international exhibitions, and modernist Danish architecture. The accentuating attraction of the museum is its natural setting of great beauty by the sea.

The Øresund Aquarium: The aquarium gives the opportunities to explore, to feel, to touch the marine wildlife of Øresund. The aquarium is branded as the ‘cosiest saltwater aquarium’ located near Hamlet’s Castle in Helsingør.

Museum of Natural History in Frederiksborg: A city that has a museum of natural history shows and demonstrates to its residents, its country and to the world that it cares for the nature and history. Copenhagen has a Museum of Natural History: here one can see the Royal Renaissance Castle with its splendid interiors and Baroque Garden.

Maritime Museum of Denmark: The museum in Danish is ‘Museet for Søfart’. Here one can experience the award-winning architecture by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and its interactive exhibitions.

Bakkehuset or the Museum of Danish Golden Age: Bakkehuset shows Denmark’s Golden Age. It was the home of literary couple Rahbek from 1802-1830. It also has a culinary orangery where one have a lunch or refreshments and soak in its romantic garden.

Children’s Museum: If you are visiting Copenhagen with your children, you should not miss this. Here one can indulge in creative activities in a cosy family-friendly atmosphere. The children can make their own soaps or decorate the cupcakes or paint on ceramics. The children can buy their works or projects with Museum Dollars and they can take their works or projects of creation to their homes.

Vikingeskibs Museet: Danish were also the Vikings! At the Vikingeskibs Museet, one can experience the five original Viking ships and discover the Roskilde Fjord landscape. The museum provides hands-on activities in the historic harbour environment.

Geological Museum: At Denmark’s Geological Museum, one can see the minerals, volcanoes, rocks, fossils, meteorites among others that are collected and conserved from different parts of the world.

And, there is Copenhagen Amber Museum. A museum for amber, about amber…? Yes!

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