Tuva Novotny: The Versatile Artist – Actress, Director, Singer

Tuva Novotny: The Versatile Artist – Actress, Director, Singer

Tuva Novotny: The Versatile Artist – Actress, Director, Singer.

Women film directors are rare. Tuva Novotny is not only a film director but also an award-winning director and critically acclaimed both as a directress and as an actress. She is one of the reckonable film artists not only in Denmark, Norway and Sweden but also among the English language movie makers.

In this podcast, you will hear from Tuva Novotny why she wants to tackle tabooed subjects in her movies and about her favourite directors.

Probably, she is one of the persons in the world with 6 names: Tuva Moa Matilda Karolina Novotny Hedström but commonly known as Tuva Novotny. She carries the surnames of both of her parents.

Tuva Novotny’s filmography includes TV soap opera (Skilda världar), TV miniseries (Herr von Hancken),movies like Familien Gregersen (Lost Generation), TV shows (Crimes of Passion, The Spiral), The Black Madonna (Den Sorte Madonna), Norwegian comedy drama series (Dag) and also the writer and director of the 2018 movie titled Blind Spot (Blindsone in Norwegian), and Britt-Marie var här in this year.

Blind Spot is a Norwegian drama film directed and written by Tuva Novotny and the movie shortlisted to be the Norwegian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards. Blind Spot is the story of a mother’s battle with her daughter’s mental health issue.

Note that Blindspot is also the title of an American drama series. The series is about a woman with no memory.

Blind spot means part of the retina in the eye that is not sensitive to the light. Blind spot means an area or a spot that a motorist or driver or rider cannot see on his or her path. Blind spot means a subject or topic about which a person is prejudiced or ignorant.

Tuva Novotny is the daughter of Czech film director David Jan Novotny and Barbro Hedström the Swedish artist. She was born on 21 December 1979.

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