Susanne Birgersdotter, the Apps-Queen of Sweden: ‘Be Brave to Believe in Yourself’

Susanne Birgersdotter, the Apps-Queen of Sweden: ‘Be Brave to Believe in Yourself’

Susanne Birgersdotter took the risk of investing in apps of the internet when there were few takers for investing in those apps. The reward of the risk is that she has proved her financial instincts right, and she has proved to be a successful investor and woman entrepreneur in Sweden.

“I think it is important that you have to be brave to believe in yourself and in your product. Because if you believe in your product other ones will also believe it and you have to be on your own even if we think it is hard or even if you don’t want to you have to be on social media today. You have to be on the internet. If you are working from India and you have a great product you need to show it to the rest of the world,” said Sussanne Birgersdotter.

Susanne Birgersdotter was the chief guest at Gothenburg’s Yes Box, Business Region Gothenburg, which hosted an event to highlight ‘Why Only 1% of Venture Capital Goes to Companies Founded by Women’ where she shared her experiences with other women.

Susanne Birgersdotter (right) interacting with would-be businesswomen 


What motivates Susanne? To inspire other people. “When I am on stages or when people are reading my book and they are getting so inspired by my story that inspires me to continue to do the things that I do.”


Some are perpetual complainers of life citing I am doing this and I am doing that. But Susanne Birgersdotter combines many roles seamlessly as the mother, wife, investor, businesswoman and author. She said that she could juggle between different roles because it is in nature to work, and she likes to do many things in life: ‘I just love my life’.

The Apps-Queen and Companies-Queen Susanne Birgersdotter spoke to the audience for more than an hour in extempore mode, and highlighted the challenges that women face, and how one could overcome them. Listen to the podcast:


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