BCS: Business Doctor(s) with Robust Solutions for Businesses

BCS: Business Doctor(s) with Robust Solutions for Businesses

The needs of small businesses and large businesses are different, and that is the case with clients and companies. In an economy, global and national and regional and local, marked by constant shifts and constant changes there is a need for doctors: business doctors. Bhrany Consulting Services (BCS) is a team of Business Doctors who tease out the weaknesses of their clients and companies and put them on TO the path of recharge and rejuvenation in order to make them robust and sustainable by giving customized solutions. Girish Bhrany the founder of BCS has three decades of experience in the business and economic sectors in India, South Asia, the Middle East and the UK.

BCS provides consulting services at multiple levels for an organization and company such as in marketing, sales, staff training and development, recruitment, outsourcing, BPO services, payroll processing, Acquisition and Mergers (A&E), management skills, inputs in increasing the operational procedures, technological know-how among others. “The small businesses are having limited resources in terms of capital, and they are handicapped in management skills, BCS provides complete management skills which helps them out by giving a complete robust structure so that these can be replicated every time,” says Girish Bhrany, the Chief Executive and Principal Consultant of BCS. “In the case of large business they have resources and they have structures also but with time the structures go ineffective, we identify what is working and what is not working,” Girish adds.

Automation and people intervention can be effective or ineffective in a company or an organization. Firm like BCS is proving services for small business and large business – management skills, advice (merits and demerits, what is working and what is not working), skill development (critical especially in a country like India), and in spreading awareness in terms of processes and procedures and skills.

“As a consultant I want to support businesses,” Girish says. “What motivates me is to help businesses by constantly learning and observing and sharing those skills, to raise the standard of living and potential of clients and companies, to increase employability and employment. It’s a win-win situation.”

Girish Bhrany started his career in management, and then went into sales. “I tried to learn every aspect of sale whether it is a concept or an idea or B2B or B2C and everything I did practically with academic background,” he shares. His three decades of experience in the industry is capped with an MBA from Leeds Business School in England.

“We diagnose businesses because we start with what is happening to the business at the moment, and where are they lacking or what are they lacking, after diagnosis we provide medication that is the solution,” Girish notes, and tells what gives him satisfaction and motivation. “When people do something as we say and they get the result … that is my inspiration, motivation.”


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