Artificial Intelligence (AI): Automobile Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Automobile Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Automobile Industry

The leading manufacturers of cars in the world are competing with one another to release the next generation vehicle: driverless cars, cars with AI, AI incorporated into many features on the dashboard of cars, cars with features that can give the consumer many benefits that were only in science fiction in the 20th century.

Mats Nordlund is the Director of New Technology and Special Projects at Zenuity. Zenuity is a company trying to build on automobile solutions and it ‘originates from the safety leaders of the automotive industry’ with offices in the USA, Sweden and Germany. It forecasts that ‘we are rapidly moving into a future where intelligent connected vehicles assist you in avoiding collisions or to let you drive completely autonomously. This is an exciting development that will benefit society and individual drivers. But we also realize that it is a huge challenge for the automotive industry, as connectivity and data-intensive software will fundamentally change the traditional automotive development process and value chain. We will bring new software features to market at a high pace using new business models, while ensuring robustness and safety at all times’.

The pace of restlessness in the automobile sector to outwit one another to bring out self-driving vehicles to customers is reflected in their investments in research and development ranging from software to future ownership models to usage. In this process, many professions within the industry and beyond the industry are coming together to bring out the next generation car.

Human beings: The mode of transport has been the human obsessiveness beginning with the wheel in pre-ancient times to the driverless cars in the 21st century (in the background of climate change). How to make the vehicle of transport for people affordable and comfortable for a vehicle is the thing that enables a person to move from one point to another.

Mats Nordlund is one of the experts in the world on AI and automation in cars. In this podcast, he explains about –the driverless cars on the roads, the future ownership of cars, and the affordability of advanced cars or cars with AI.

Podcast: Mats Nordlund

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