Air France: Secures 7 Billion-Euro Loan Guarantee from the French Government

Air France: Secures 7 Billion-Euro Loan Guarantee from the French Government
Photo Credit: Air France

France assures its international air carrier with 7 billion-euro loan guarantee. Anne Rigail, Chief Executive Officer of Air France, said in an email to the customers, ‘We have secured the support of the French State in the form of a 7 billion-euro loan guarantee, allowing Air France to look to the future with confidence. I would like to use this opportunity to clarify the commitments we have undertaken with regard to this loan.’

The commitments undertaken by Air France are: A reconstruction plan that puts Air France on a par with the best-performing global airlines in terms of competitiveness. A swifter implementation of its commitments to realising the air transport sector’s energy transition (incorporation of up to 2% of alternative sustainable fuel by 2025, supported by the emergence of a French biofuel production sector, investing in new-generation aircraft that reduce CO2 emissions at source by 20% to 25% and the objective of reducing CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre throughout its network by 50% by 20230, compared with the reference year 2005.

In the current Covid-19 times, ‘Air France Protect’ label guarantees a safe travel experience such as wearing a surgical mask, staff wear surgical masks, implementation of physical distancing and indicated by floor markings and special signage, Plexiglass protection screens at the counters, body temperature checks, reorganized boarding procedures (customers sitting at the back board first), dishes of meals are served in sealed or wrapped contained containers and cabins are equipped with an air filtering system identical to that used in hospital operating theatres (HEPA filters). The air in the cabin is completely filtered and renewed every 3 minutes.

World Health Organization (WHO) issued a guide on psychological skills for Covid-19 responders. The guide is aimed at those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response – from food store staff to employers to emergency responders – WHO has released illustrated advice for taking care of one’s own mental well-being, communicating with empathy, and helping people suffering from stress or severe distress. The Guide was developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Reference Group, a collaboration of UN agencies, national and international NGOs and international agencies.

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