Tips for Flowing and Glowing Hair: Chytra Rai the Ms Beautiful Hair 2019

Tips for Flowing and Glowing Hair: Chytra Rai the Ms Beautiful Hair 2019

Hair industry is a billion dollar industry. Men and women are constantly trying to present their hair  in the best fashionable way possible. Few people have got the trick to maintain their natural hair with natural herbs for maintenance. Lets get to know few tricks and tips from Ms Beautiful Hair, Chytra Rai.

Chytra Rai is a model based in Bengaluru the Silicon Valley of India. She has won the Ms Beautiful Hair and Ms Goodness Ambassador 2019 titles in Ms And Mrs Mangalore charitable pageant.


Tips for healthy hair: Chytra Rai says, “Hair is the first thing people observe, when you walk into a place. Hair can say a lot about you. My suggestions to maintain a healthy hair are:

* Avoid heat-styling as much as possible.

* Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

* Put eggs on your hair…Yes, eggs! How to apply eggs? Apply to your hair for five minutes, and rinse well. This egg mixture improves protein in your hair.”


“I apply oil thrice in a week. I use sesame oil. Yea, you heard it right! It did wonders to me. I got smooth, silky and straight hair. It worked great for me with aloe vera,” says Chytra Rai. “I stopped using shampoo and switched to Shikakai. Acacia concinna is used traditionally for hair care in the Indian subcontinent, since ancient times. It is one of the Ayurvedic medicinal plants. The plant parts are used to extract dry powder or the extracts are the bark, leaves or pods.”


Acacia concinna: Acacia concinna is one of the Ayurvedic medicinal plants. The plant is a climbing shrub commonly found in Asia such as in the warm plains of central and south India. The tree is the source of feed for the larvae of the butterfly Pantoporia hordonia. Acacia concinna is commonly known as shikakai in the Indian subcontinent. It is used traditionally for hair care and traditionally used as a natural shampoo. The plant parts – pods of the fruit, leaves and bark –  are dried and ground into a powder and made into a paste.The paste is applied to the hair,massaged gently into the scalp and then rinsed with luke warm water.  The shikakai powder may not produce as much lather as the chemically-produced shampoos but it is considered to cure dandruff and promote hair growth.

Sesame is one of the oldest crops in the world, and it has many species. Sesame is an oilseed crop. The oil extracted from the seeds are used for cooking and in salads across the world. Sesame oil is used as an edible vegetable oil (especially for vegan dishes) and as a cooking oil. Its nutty flavour enhances many dishes and has a distinctive aroma and taste. Sesame is known to have been cultivated during the Indus valley civilization as the main oil crop. Sesame seeds are also used for their health benefits. Sesame oil is also used for hair. Sesame oil or gingelly oil is applied to the hair and gently massaged into the scalp to enhance the natural growth of the hair and also for the health of the scalp. The oil is believed to strengthen the hair on the scalp from the roots.


Chytra Rai preferred sports over modelling but she came to know about Mr. & Ms. Mysore pageant at the age of 18 through advertisement. “I went to the show without any preparation. I got an appreciation prize and the judges told me to work hard. They told me that you will have a bright career in modelling. This incident motivated me to take up modelling seriously as a career. When I thought everything was going good, my life turned upside down because of an accident. The accident left me with a disfigured face and bruises all over my body. My dream of modelling was in shambles,” Chytra Rai says.

“Beauty is an asset, just like physical prowess, charisma, brain or emotional intelligence. I decided to fight back and with the help of my supporting family I started believing myself. After one year of treatment along with physical and emotional fight, I have completed my PG in Mass Media Communication. I started my modelling career again with a face which was toned through plastic surgery. I have learned that ‘If you compare yourself to other people, you will be insecured’.

“Everyone is unique and molding your own personality is so important. Rejections and criticism are the stepping stones to success,” says Chytra Rai.

Chytra Rai is a public relations manager based in Bengaluru. She has been through tougher times in life: “I realized that challenges mold and equip an individual to fight bigger battles in life and my life is an example for the same.”

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