Dead End

Dead End
Photo Credit: Vinod.D.Chavan

By  Vinod.D.Chavan

Dead End


The year is April 2021. ¼ of the globe is affected by covid-19, fear & Chaos everywhere, many governments have failed and families have been shattered . 

It begins on a sunny afternoon on Empire Estate Flyover bridge  Pune, a young boy standing on the edge of the bridge is about to jump . A foreigner spots the boy, stops his car and pulls the boy towards him and yells at him, are you out of your  mind mate?

The boy starts weeping. His tears can be  seen rolling down under his eye glasses. The man consoles him  and introduces himself as Martin from Belgium and asks the boy who he is ?

The boy tells him that his name is Suhas and  he is a  student of Media at FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), the pandemic took the lives of his parents and he is the only survivor in his family.

 By remembering his past he starts weeping again, he starts pushing the foreigner to jump off from the bridge. The foreigner holds him tight and Introduces himself as a Virologist from Belgium and tells him that he is here to develop a vaccine at NIV Pune ( National Institute  of Virology).

He offers him a proposal that Govt of Belgium is going for a human trial for their vaccine and if Suhas can  be a volunteer and help the mankind ,and  even after that if he still wants to end his life there is a provision of euthanasia in Belgium so he can die peacefully. 

Suhas agrees to the terms of Martin and goes to Belgium , The vaccine trial starts after the documentations including the papers of euthanasia .

Suhas has been given the mild dosage of the virus and the observation starts where he experiences the fluctuations in his health and also experiences death closely, he starts thinking about his past where he was happy with his parents and decides that there is no point of dying without any trials in life.

Soon he recovers from the virus and develops immunity, Martin comes with a doctor and Injects fluid suddenly…… Suhas remembers that  he had signed the agreement of euthanasia .

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