About Us

Dear Audience,

Thank you for your time, and thank you for visiting our website.

Monsoon2047 aims to publish and broadcast utilitarian information of the lands without borders: information on news and current affairs, health and travel, food and faith, arts and languages among others.

Our defining objective is to respect your time by publishing and broadcasting about the happenings and developments in and around us. In this endeavour, we strive to source first-hand information or primary sources. Our only objective is to give you unbiased and unfiltered information without any affiliation to an ‘ism’.

We are concerned with the developments around our societies especially climate change and lifestyle changes, and we want to strive to contribute for a better world for the well being of people. Please help us in our objective with your suggestions and feedback. You can reach us through our mail: monsoon2047[at]gmail.com and publisher.monsoon2047[at]gmail.com and we value your inputs to make us to a better work for a better society.

Monsoon2047 is: för discérning audïence

Thanking you, and we wish you to have a fulfilling and peaceful life.

Dr Sri Kant J.